Executive Team:

Director Rourke, BS, NIMS/ICS, BPS, has served as a Police Officer, Supervisor
(Chief), Criminal Justice Faculty-University, SWAT Officer, Security Foreman and a number
of other specialty coordinator positions over the last three decades. From his broad-based experience with domestic custodial/visitation supervision, crime prevention, victim witness interaction and, as a Fire Arms Training Simulator (FATS) trainer, to highlight a few, he brings a multi-disciplinary,
empathetic and resolution oriented mindset that gets results. Director Rourke has trained, educated,
supervised and mentored many career professionals. His certifications (available upon request) attest to his commitment to providing the most unique package of services
ever offered by a security and investigation agency.

Deputy Director Snyder, J.D, ACCSC Education Specialist, ACICS CJ Evaluator and Professor has been a Security, Investigation, Risk & Loss Prevention Consultant for decades providing the necessary data collection, research, analysis and systems to create solutions for a number of diverse clients. He also is a NBIB trained Background Investigator and Reviewer on the OPM contract.

He has extensive experience in retail loss prevention, in-depth focus on store operations, inventory
control, fraud, logistics and corporate development (particularly in the retail pharmaceutical and food sector), plus corporate analytics. Deputy Director Snyder has managed teams of investigators
and attorneys that have been integrally involved in hundreds of cases. He has been charged
with the task of tracking down fraudulent conveyances and preferential transfers. As counsel to
state and federal law enforcement agencies in eight jurisdictions, he established entities to deal with
the needs of the members, plus provided internal affairs representation.

AGENCY #106-4749


Association of Certified Background Investigators

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Supervised Visitation Network

National Association of Investigative Specialists

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