“In a Nut Shell”

                        Security Analytics:

Specializing in loss prevention, fraud, protocol assessments, audits and undercover operations.

                   Background Verification:

Corporate, Employee, Nanny, Pre-marital, Tenant and Personal. From basic to security clearance level protocols, as warranted.

                     Education & Training:

Curriculum is focused on evolving trends, professional services, equipment, techniques, annual certifications and workspace initiatives.

                Investigation & GPS Tracking:

Domestic infidelity, missing persons, child custody, surveillance and internet (dating, hacking, theft, etc.) services utilizing state of-the-art technology plus, K-9s and UAS, as necessary.

                  Patrol & Service of Process:

Armed and unarmed services for businesses, schools and events, plus executive and private 'around the clock' bodyguard protection.